Women’s House Symposium: Now open for booking

Women’s House Symposium

Exploring feminism, creative expression for women and women as artists

Friday, 12th April 2019, 10 am – 2pm


National Glass Centre,

Liberty Way,

Sunderland SR6 0GL


Set in the context of the centenary of suffragette movement and the ‘me too’ campaign, this event is part of an artists-led project Women’s House that looks at how we define, understand and relate to feminism intersecting with identity and sexuality in these current times.

The symposium invites artists, academics and cultural practitioners to reflect upon and engage in a discourse about Feminism from Black and LGBTQ perspectives, share creative practices that challenge and articulate these concerns and raise questions about the status of women’s art within the wider framework for equality.

Women’s House project takes its reference from Judy Chicago’s original feminist art installation ‘Womanhouse’, 1972. Hence, the symposium provides an opportunity to examine the notion of domesticity and space (or the lack of it) and asks women artists about how they negotiate and navigate their practice through these socially genderised structures.

The project Women’s House is supported by funding from Arts Council of England, Slate and Cultural Spring.  The symposium is supported by the Arts Council of England and Sunderland Culture.


Please register on Eventbrite to book your place: https://womenshouse.eventbrite.co.uk


For more information, contact Padma Rao – 07930175319/ email: projectsangini@gmail.com



City by the Sea

Big Congratulations to Sangini and its art group –  SWAG (Sunderland Women’s Art Group)

Sunderland Women’s Art Group is selected to design a bespoke surfboard to be on permanent display in THE BEAM at VAUX.

The VAUX is an ambitious and ground-breaking site that aims to bring new opportunities to live, work and play in the heart of Sunderland city centre.   The City by the Sea surfboard exhibition at THE BEAM represents the first step for the VAUX site of celebrating and promoting the creative and cultural excellence within the region.

This project gives talented women from Sunderland Women’s Art Group to take part in the exciting fast developing cultural landscape of Sunderland.

A Heroine’s Journey

Sangini marks International Women’s Day with a women’s art exhibition

An exhibition of artwork produced by the members of Sunderland Women’s Art Group (SWAG) of Sangini to mark International Women’s Day.  The Exhibition looks at the women’s stories using myths, fairy tales and stories with female protagonists and how they resolve their conflicts without resorting to violence.

Over the past few weeks, women from SWAG have been exploring the themes of feminism, in particular how we understand narratives of a heroine’s journey within the social norms and find positive personal interpretations through creative expression.

The workshops were led by Lyn Killeen and part of a wider project ‘Women’s House’. Set in the context of the centenary of suffragette movement and the ‘me too’ campaign, the ‘Women’s House’ investigates female identity, domesticity and art through research, community workshops and personal reflections, led by two artists Padma Rao and Miki Z.

The project Women’s House is supported by funding from the Arts Council of England and the workshops were funded by the COUNTY DURHAM COMMUNITY FOUNDATION from the Tampon Tax Community Fund. This exhibition is supported by Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, through Sunderland Culture’s Great Place programme.Flyer SWAG exhibition

Women’s House: Explores diverse women’s identities and expressions

Women’s House

Women from diverse backgrounds, specially BAMER and LGBTQ are invited to take part in Women’s House through fun-filled, informal conversations, collaborative, participatory workshops.

Set in the context of the centenary of suffragette movement and the ‘me too’ campaign, the Women’s House investigates female identity, domesticity and art through BAMER and LGBTQ perspectives, led by two artists Padma Rao and Miki Z.

Using creativity and art, the women can express their ideas and views, share their own experiences whilst investigating female identity, domesticity and art.

The project aims to inspire, enthuse and encourage diverse women from all walks of life to look into the status and roles of women, whilst exploring a variety of themes such as domesticity, equality, violence and abuse, voting rights and feminism.  Join us to learn new skills, explore and create your story.

Free workshops are held across Tyne & Wear area.

Thursday, 21stFebruary, 10.30am – 1pm, Makaan Art Gallery, South Shields NE34 0RG

The workshop is open only for women who identify themselves as LGBTQ.

Friday, 8thMarch, 10.30am – 1 pm,  Makaan, South Shields

Open for all women, especially from BAMER and LGBTQ background, the workshop helps explore female narratives, domesticity and personal space through creative expressions.

Saturday, 9thMarch @ WHIST, South Shields 11.30am – 12.30pm

As part of International Women’s Day event, this workshop offers women an insight into the issues of feminism and help explore personal narratives.

Sharing event:  Friday, 12thApril 2019, 10.30 am – 2pm, National Glass Centre, Sunderland. There will be opportunities for women and artists from diverse community groups to take part in a sharing event on where lead artists, as well as guest artists, will present their experiences and resulting artwork. Please book your place in advance.

Final exhibition: 3rdMay till 31stMay 2019 at Makaan Art Gallery, South Shields. Using mixed media, print making, drawing and painting, the two artists would convert a terraced house into a site-specific art installation.

For more information or to take part in the project please email: projectsangini@gmail.com or Padma Rao – 07930175319




Free Course in A Career in TV or film

Come along to a free course in

A Career in TV or film
and have fun while learning
CHANCE Community Centre
8, Rickaby Street, East End
Sunderland. SR1 2DL
Starts from
 Friday, 9th November 
10 am – 12.30 pm
This is an 8 weeks course for women of all ages and backgrounds, aimed at giving the participants: 
  • Key skills at the workplace
  • key tools for accessing the best version of yourself
  • Completion of a 30-second pitch to the camera
  • Discovery of own self-image
At the end of the course, participants will be presented with a TICBOX Supporting Artist Course Certificate, be listed as a 5 star Supporting Artist on the NE14TV website, and be given priority over certain jobs that come through to the agency. 

For more information or to register your place by 1st November, please email:  projectsangini@gmail.com or Padma – 07930175319 

Course Poster - Chance Community Centre JPEG

Interim Viewing: A Visual Conversation

Post by Creative Women’s Collective member:

The interim viewing on Saturday, 3rd December was very successful and informative in many ways, especially in terms of feedback and questions about the model of our collaborative approach.

From the outset we agreed not to have any boundaries or rules. The only agreement on which the collective was based was that we were all free to work wherever we liked. Now, that is a whole different ballgame.  We never talked about our work to each other.  No ideas were exchanged and no one knew what others would do. For a long time we didn’t even see each other. I would arrive at the studio and find some marks had been made, areas had been worked on, colours added to the areas previously blank.  Of course, there were periods when I was upset if my work has been painted on in a manner that I didn’t like and I had to remind myself of the fundamental agreement in principle – no rules.

On the day of the viewing, the biggest question the visitors had was, ‘Are you still talking to each other?’


The site specific nature of this work brought an extra dimension to this work. The paper on which the artwork was made followed the curves and the edges of the rooms, thus, almost compelling the viewer to continue to carry on viewing. One of the viewers said that they hadn’t seen this kind of work even in galleries in London. 


We are only half way through this project and the work seemed quite developed in places. So, that begs a question about the next stage and how should we address it.  Other questions arise, such as

Would this model of collaboration be successful all the time?

What if others are not sensitive to my work and create new work on top of it?

How do I tell that I am unhappy from other’s practice?

How do I tell that the art work is not working and others don’t agree with that?

Could we standardise this with a framework so that we could replicate it?


It also raises the question about breaking our own agreement of having no rules and introduce boundaries. What kind of boundaries?




A Visual Conversation: An Interim Show

‘A Visual Conversation’ created by four artists who form the Creative Women’s Collective. 

Over the past month, four artists have been working together collectively in an experimental way.  The idea is for elements of each artists’ work to become part of the changing collective mark making.  It is about being totally open to the continuous energy of what has gone before, a visual conversation. 

 The venue:  126, Talbot Road, South Shields, NE34 0RG

Time:  Saturday, 3rd December – 1 – 3pm

 Come and join us over a drink and some nibbles.